The CSFTA Constitution and bylaws

  • Constitution

    CSFTA Constitution

    Created 11 December 2013

    Updated 10 Sep 2014 / Updated 15 Sep 2015

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  • Byelaws

    CSFTA Bylaws

    Created 11 December 2013

    Updated 15 Sep 2015

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CSFTA League Rules

  • FT Rules

    CSFT FT Winter League Shoot Rules 2021/2

    Ratified August 2021

    For clubs

    • CSFTA clubs that have provided evidence of insurance to the CSFTA Secretary are permitted to host CSFTA events.
    • The event is a CSFTA event, however, the responsibilities for each individual event lays with the club hosting the event. The host club should nominate a Chief Marshal and appoint course marshals.
    • Winter League (WL) shoots are open to CSFTA club members, the host’s club members, and with the host’s and relevant Competition Secretary’s written permission, to members of BFTA clubs from outside of the region. Note: it is a requirement for competitors to be members of a CSFTA club for their scores to count in a league either as an individual or as a team member.
    • The CSFTA FT WL is run, with the exception of lane timings, to the BFTA Main Shoot Rules (MSR) which can be found on the BFTA Website
    • All shoots must start with a briefing, which must as a minimum confirm the methodology used to start and stop shooting, ie whistle, claxon or air horn.
    • Pairs/threes of novice shooters should be avoided; instead these should be paired with experienced but not necessarily AA shooters.
    • All rounds should start shooting at 10am except North Oxon which starts at 10:30 to allow visitors from the Isle of Wight enough time to arrive.
    • Rounds should be 40 targets.
    • With more than 40 shooters in attendance the shotgun start should still continue as normal but with the following format for the additional shooters: Where there are more than 40 shooters, but less than 47, pairs should be placed at lane 1 to follow on. Where there are more than 46 shooters, but less than 51, pairs should be made into 3’s and spaced along the line on every odd numbered lane. Where there are more than 50 shooters but less than 60, pairs should be made into 3’s and spaced along the line as evenly as possible. Where there are more than 60 shooters, additional 3’s should be placed at lane 1.
    • The regional chronograph should be present on the zero-in range, and then moved to the course before the shoot commences, use of the chronograph is mandatory and the FPS for the pellet used must be recorded.
    • The zero-in range should have measured and marked paper targets of sufficient size at least at 25, 35, 45 55 yards to allow the shooter to confirm their rifle’s accuracy at the most popular ranges, the line and amount of targets should be enough to cater for the numbers of shooters present without excessive queuing.
    • The firing line should be at waist height between lanes and at ground level inside them.
    • Targets should
      • be numbered clearly at the gate and target.
      • wherever possible, not be positioned where the low winter sun may be directly behind them.
      • if under 20 yards be perpendicular to the firing line as per the BFTA rules
    • The club should provide a list of entries from each round to the region’s treasurer. This can be done in electronic form.
    • Toilets must be made available, and presented in a clean and tidy state.
    • Clubs are encouraged to provide refreshments, which may be charged for.

    For shooters

    • Any air rifle/pellet combination in compliance with BFTA MSR rules may be used, however, if the rifle is magazine fed this must, even if empty, be removed after each lane is shot, and when not cased, rifles must not be pointed in an unsafe direction or considered unloaded.
    • Smoking/Vaping during the competition is not permitted.
    • Timing per lane is 2 minutes from when the shooter starts to look through the scope, with the stopwatch operated by their non-shooting partner and providing timings as requested.
    • Once the competition has started, shooters, when not on the lane, should place their rifles in a bag or on a bean bag with the barrel over the firing line.
    • Please use the pens provided by the CSFTA as these are specifically designed to write on the CSFTA waterproof score cards.


    • When the league dates are agreed then the amount of rounds an individual may drop will be agreed at the same time. If there is a change after this but ahead of the league starting then the clubs will agree a new figure of the amount of rounds that can be dropped. A guide is that more than 6 rounds will allow 2 rounds to be dropped, less than 7 will allow just one. Where rounds are cancelled the amount of dropped rounds may not change and where rescheduling can be difficult the round can be considered cancelled without a replacement.
    • Non-regional shooters will have their scores removed from the scores supplied to for grading. Their scores however will affect scores for individual and teams.
    • Teams are of 4 shooters from the same club.
    • Team scores count for all rounds.
    • Teams should not be changed after the start of the first competition. However, if a team member is absent for more than one round that club can elect to permanently move a team member from another one of their teams, or elect to nominate a new shooter from their club for that team at the next round so long as this is presented in writing to the competition secretary and whoever is producing the scores. A shooter can only be moved once, and no team can change more than two shooters in the season.
    • Team shooters who’s scores qualify shall operate under the following scoring system:
      • Top/equal top score 1 additional point
      • C Grade 3 additional points
      • B Grade 2 additional points
      • A Grade 1 additional point
      • AA Grade no additional points
    • Where targets are found to be in breach of BFTA competition rules but not deemed unsafe they shall be included in the scores.
    • Shoot-offs are timed, and conducted on a lane of the chief marshal’s choice. The best of 2 shots kneeling and standing (best of 4 shots in total) should be the first round, if after that then there is still a tie the marshal will choose one of the  targets to be shot standing in a sudden death shoot off (time allowed = 1 minute). This process is repeated until a winner is identified.

    Additional COVID-19 Guidance

    The guidance below is given based on the latest scientific guidance, relating to the Covid-19 Delta variant, which is highly transmissible, can be caught twice and spread by the double vaccinated. Whilst it is highly desirable that all shooters are double vaccinated, age and medical condition may prevent this, consequently, some shooters including double-vaccinated shooters or family members whose immune system is compromised need to be afforded protection.

    Clubs should ensure that

    • Any additional Covid-19 rules required to be adhered to by shooters are clearly displayed and re-relayed at the briefing meeting.
    • Booking-in takes place in a well ventilated area, not an enclosed space such as a container.
    • Hand sanitiser is available as determined by the club’s risk assessment.
    • The maximum number of shooters per lane and on the Zero-in range is specified/displayed.
    • Shooters should be encouraged to mark each other’s scorecards, and review their scorecard before it is handed back in by their fellow competitor, or, if uncomfortable with this, one of the pair scoring both cards.
    • Courses are set with a suitable spacing between lanes to accommodate the shooter and the scorer plus at the lane but also a large enough gap between lanes to allow for 1 queuing pair.

     Shooters must not attend CSFTA shoots if

    • required by legislation or guidance in their home area prohibits/advises against travel.
    • required by English legislation or guidance to quarantine at the time of the shoot.
    • feeling unwell or showing Covid-19 symptoms, regardless of the outcome of an at home lateral flow test.
    • they have a family member who is unwell/showing Covid-19 symptoms.
    • they have tested positive for Covid-19 by lateral flow or PCR during the previous 7 days.

    Shooters should

    • adhere to the English government’s social distancing guidelines, including avoiding handshakes, when arriving, booking-in, shooting, using the facilities (toilets & food van) and departing, including, where specified, the number of shooters per lane and on the zero-in range.
    • bring;
      • a face mask as it may be required by the hosting club’s rules.
      • a stopwatch for personal use.
      • (in the event of being required to marshal) your own hi-viz vest.
      • the correct shoot fees.
    • Be courteous to other shooters and do not hog the zero-in range.
    • If there is a backlog on the next lane, not to move onto the lane until it is free or there is space to allow compliance with social distancing guidelines.
    • Pull strings with the gloved hand/regularly sanitised hands/string puller.
  • HFT Rules

    CSFTA HFT League rules

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  • FT Grades

    AA Rob Farnworth
    Tim Goodall
    Alan Holloway
    Ashley Holloway
    Terry Holt
    Glenn Newman
    David Page-Starr
    Steve Privett
    Barry Warren
    Justin Wood
    A Geoff Ames
    Gary Banham
    Clinton Bedding
    Vince Blackman
    Tony Elderfield
    Mel Hills
    Mick Kelly
    Steve Lucas
    Bethany Pitman
    Tony Pond
    Adam Riffert
    Tim Roscoe
    Paul Somerville
    B Lyndeen Calvert
    Austin Glass
    Geoff Hawes
    David Hollingdale
    Colin Medway
    Kieth Pitman
    Glenda Privett
    Mark Stanley
    Peter Terry
    Paul Whitehouse
    Andy Winch
    Mick Woodhead
    Don Vickers
    Kieth Ambrose
    Gordon Bishop
    Kevin Bird
    Richard Bright
    Simon Critchley
    Melvyn Read
    Chris Hepworth
    Alan Hutchings
    Garry Matthews
    Drew Morgan
    Kim Mulford
    Andy Slade
    Christopher Slaney
    Kenny Smart
    Edward Smith
    Jeff Treacher
    Simon Treacher
    John Watson
    Graham Westbrook